Want to know the secret to

a great cup of coffee?

Our award-winning barista trainers will teach you the secrets of the pros in our barista courses at The Espresso School in Melbourne

Barista Course Melbourne

professional barista courses

Whether you’re looking to pick up skills to work as a barista, want to make better coffee at home, or just curious about the difference between a flat white and a latte, we have a barista course to help you achieve your coffee goals at The Espresso School. 

Our aim is simple – we want to bring out the best barista in you!

So if you’re looking for a pathway to become a professional barista or just something fun to do during the week, we have a barista course to suit you.

Small class sizes. Unlimited coffee and milk.

Our barista courses are intentionally kept small so that you will receive maximum attention from our trainer to maximise your learning potential.

We also know that you want to spend more time practising on our quality equipment, so all of our classes have unlimited coffee & milk!

Our barista courses are taught by experienced award-winning Melbourne barista trainers.

We’re excited to teach you the prized coffee making techniques that have won many awards at state and national levels. 

So what are you waiting for? Start your Barista Course with us in Melbourne today!

Award-winning barista trainers

Barista Certificate for each and every
barista course

After completing your barista course with us, you will receive a Barista Certificate of Completion.

If you complete more than one course, we will combine your barista certificates into a single certificate.

Barista Course Melbourne – Enthusiasts

Your learning doesn’t stop after your barista course! These blog posts are curated with super handy tips and tricks to help you improve your coffee making