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Our barista courses are the most progressive in Australia, teaching the latest coffee making techniques and best practises used in the industry today

David Seng

David Seng

Head barista trainer

In 2009 head barista trainer, David Seng opened the doors to The Espresso School when he realised there was a distinct lack of specialty coffee training in Melbourne. The vision was to create a space where he could not only share his passion for coffee with likeminded people but to teach the latest barista and coffee making techniques as they emerged to inspire the next generation of coffee professionals.

What makes The Espresso School unique is the direct link between our barista courses and current barista practices used in the coffee industry and cafes today. Our classes are some of the most progressive in the coffee industry, and we are always constantly evolving and changing our barista course content so that we teach the most relevant and up to date techniques being used by baristas in Australia and around the world.

The Espresso School’s barista training facilities are fully equipped with professional coffee equipment to ensure a quality training environment. We offer barista training with a difference; we are uncompromising in our commitment to quality training so you can become the best barista you can be.