Level Four

Advanced Barista Course

3 hours Course notes Certificate of completion
Advanced extraction
This barista course takes an in-depth look at improving and measuring coffee quality
Recipe creation
Learn to dial in espresso methodically and create recipes from scratch
Coffee science
Produce more consistent espresso through a deeper understanding of extraction

Shift your coffee making skills into top gear with our Advanced Barista Course!

This barista course will focus on advanced extraction techniques, its applications in the modern specialty cafe, and is the perfect extension to our Espresso Basics Barista Course.


Together we will explore the science of coffee extraction, the key factors that affect flavour balance in the cup and methods to manipulate flavour.


By the end of this barista course, you will have the analytical tools and practical skills required to make better-tasting coffee whether at home or in the cafe.


Click “What you will learn” for a complete breakdown of the topics covered in this barista course!

  • How grind setting and dosage choices impact flavour

  • How Espresso Brew Formula and Brewing Ratios are used for recipe design

  • Understand Extraction Yield and TDS (strength) in relation to espresso

  • Measurement of espresso TDS (strength) using a coffee refractometer

  • How coffee age impacts extraction and techniques for age manipulation

  • Espresso extraction diagnosis

Recommended experience:
Completion of Espresso Basics Barista Course or you are comfortable in operating an espresso machine and coffee grinder.


We recommend this barista course if:

  • You have completed our Espresso Basics barista course
  • You’d like to take your career to the next level
  • You want to make consistently delicious espresso
  • You would like to learn the science behind espresso extractions
  • You’d like to troubleshoot common extraction problems

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