Barista Certificates

You will receive a certificate for every barista course you complete

All students issued a barista certificate

Regardless of what barista course you complete with us, you will be issued a Barista Certificate of Completion. This can go towards helping you land your first job as a barista.

Simply attach an electronic copy of your Barista Certificate with your barista resume and cover letter if applying for jobs online, otherwise, you can print out and attach a physical copy for the hiring manager with your application.

Your Barista Certificate will be issued electronically usually within 24 hours of course completion so you will have a digital copy of it for life! Make sure you move the Barista Certificate email to your inbox if your email host has filtered it to your spam/junk folder.

Remember, cafes don’t usually worry about if you have a certificate or not. They are more interested in who you are and your ability to make coffee. If you can show some basic coffee making knowledge and know your way around an espresso bar, this does more to help you secure a barista job than a certificate ever will.

To learn more about barista certificates and barista qualifications, check out our blog post ‘Do you really need a barista certificate?’.