Our Barista School

Purpose-built training facility

Our barista school is a purpose-built coffee training facility right next door to C4 Coffee Roasters! You’ll often find the aroma of freshly roasted coffee permeating through the school.

The Espresso School has 5 fully equipped espresso stations, a coffee brewing and coffee cupping station, a sample roasting area and a seated classroom area.

Our barista school believes in using only modern coffee brewing equipment you’d find in cafes. They are maintained to meticulous standards to ensure a high-quality training environment for our students enrolled in our barista courses. 

Our equipment is upgraded on a regular basis so you won’t find run-down dirty equipment or old-school manual dosing chambered coffee grinders in sight.

Station one

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Station 1 is comprised of a Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II T3 semi-automatic (competition specification) two-group espresso machine, ONA Stem weighing platform, Eureka Olympus 75E high-speed automatic titanium flat burr grinder and a milk jug rinser.

Station two, three and four

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These stations feature identical Expobar two-group volumetric machines with an A.C.E. ShureShot digital timer for easy monitoring of extraction times. Paired with each machine is an automatic conical burr Mazzer Kony-E grinder and milk jug rinser.

Station five

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Station 5 comes equipped with a Sanremo Zoe Competition volumetric two-group espresso machine. Paired with the Zoe Competition is a fully automatic Eureka Olympus 75E high-speed titanium flat burr grinder, and milk jug rinser.

Additional to each espresso machine station is:

  • 2x Brewista Smart Scale version II for measuring doses and espresso yields
  • Australian made Pullman Espresso tamper
  • precision nano-quartz filter baskets thanks to E&B Lab
  • precision 200-micron shower screens fitted to each machine by IMS Filtri
  • high-quality ceramics from ACF

Our Barista School uses and loves