Here are four free resources you should know about if you’re starting out in the industry.


The Hustle as it’s known was created by Matthew Perger, multiple Australian Barista champion, World Brewers Cup and World Coffee in Good Spirits champion. There is a treasure trove of informaton in well laid out posts, although some of it can get very technical and scientific. Hustles are released every Monday, so what are you waiting for? Go sign up now.



This blog belongs to World Barista Champion, James Hoffmann. There is some very interesting reading in there.



Brew Methods is a website that is dedicated to documenting some of the best recipes out there for alternative brewers (other than espresso). If you’ve never made a syphon before or don’t know how much coffee to put in your pour over brewer, this place is a great starting point.



A large library of videos and podcasts from events and conferences.



So there you have it, four FREE resources you should check out. Do you know of any more you think are worthy of making the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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