5 latte artists you should follow on Instagram

No dry frothy stuff here, just pure silky milk and slick pouring skills.


Arnon Thitiprasert @ristr8to

World famous World Latte Art Champion from Chiang Mai, Thailand. Arnon really challenged the way we think about latte art by pouring intricate patterns themed around animals in the forest to win the world title.



Barista Dash @BARISTA_DASH

I have no idea how to read Korean or what his name is, but Barista Dash’s Instagram feed is amazing. Super clean pouring. Can you say quintuple rosetta?  


A photo posted by Cafe Oneway (@barista_dash) on


Caleb Cha – 2015 World Latte Art Champion @CALEBTIGER

Caleb was crowned this year’s World Latte Art Champ in Gothenberg, Sweden. He actually works at a cafe I helped to open many years ago at Cafenatics Equitable Place in Melbourne, Australia.


A photo posted by Caleb Tiger (@calebtiger) on



Jibbi hails from Sydney, Australia and has numerous NSW State Championship titles under her belt. Check out her feed and you’ll see why!




Dritan is world famous and has over 78k followers. Hailing from Germany, he owns a coffee bar and barista school.




So there you have it, five Instagram latte artists you should check out and follow. Do you know of any more you think are worthy of making the list? Let us know in the comments below!



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