Let’s talk about the barista resume

Let’s talk about the dos and don’ts of barista resumes and how you can really get the attention of the hiring manager.

Psst…want to know a secret?

I didn’t even read most of the barista resumes handed to me when I was hiring. Truth be told, I glossed over them for 30 seconds and binned most of them when the candidate left! Terrible I know, but it happens more often than you think.

I wasn’t interested in what was written on the barista’s resume that was an exact carbon copy of the 100 resumes that came before it.

I was more interested in the candidate. What was their personality like in our brief interaction, did they have a good vibe? Did they have good personal grooming? These things matter in hospitality.

Keep it clear, concise and relevant

Don’t clutter your resume with irrelevant information. Think about who you’re writing the resume for. You want to portray a certain image and very specific information about why you are the best candidate for the barista job.

Did you do a barista course in Melbourne? Include that! Did you work at a supermarket in the summer holidays? Great, you can talk about your amazing customer service and POS skills.

Your age, nationality, religion and marital status is definitely information that should be left out of your barista resume. Remember; keep it clear, concise and relevant.

Get a graphic designer to help

So how can you grab the attention of the hiring manager? Well, let’s start with the look of the resume itself. You don’t want it to look like every other resume that was submitted before. Engage help from outside.

Everyone has a friend (or a friend of a friend) who is a graphic designer. A barista resume is not the kind of resume you’d write to apply for a graduate position at a bank or accounting firm.

Think colours, but not over the top. Definitely not glitter and sparkles. Taking the time to make your resume look different shows you’re different.

Which resume below do you think is more visually compelling?

Check out this website for some creative inspiration.

Now go and write yourself a rocking barista resume! Next week, I’ll take a look at cover letters when applying for barista jobs.

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