Coffee for Newbies – Different Types of Coffee

Are you new to the coffee world? Perhaps you’ve had a sip of a cappuccino or dabbled in a mocha or two. Or maybe you have no idea what we’re talking about … But do not fret! There are plenty of options for all looking to enjoy a nice cup of coffee.

Coffee is a huge part of the culture in Melbourne, so what better place to learn more about the beverage that gets you going? With an annual coffee expo, there’s no doubting that Melburnians take coffee very seriously!

So without further ado, let’s dive into the different types of coffee for newbies to revel in.

1. Mocha

Mocha is hands down the easiest coffee to get into if you’re not used to drinking it on the reg. With chocolate added to the espresso shot or the cold milk before frothing, you really can’t go wrong. Many coffee newcomers try mocha’s first as it’s a safe bet! This chocolatey delight will send you in the right direction when you’re easing into the wonderful world of coffee. Just one sip and you’ll be livin’ la vida mocha from here on out! 

2. Cappuccino

If you’re not used to drinking coffee on the daily, cappuccinos are a great place to start! Comprised of an espresso shot, textured milk and at least 1 cm of foam. In Australia, we tend to dust chocolate powder over the top of our cappuccinos, but this is not the norm in Italy.

A good way to introduce yourself to coffee is with dessert (so long as the caffeine doesn’t keep you up all night). A piece of chocolate cake, accompanied by a tasty cappuccino … what more could you ask for?!  

3. Latte

Lattes are also a great way to start drinking more coffee. Similar to a cappuccino, the latte has an espresso shot, steamed milk and a small portion of frothy foam on the top! Lattes are known for the beautiful latte art that many skilled baristas will know how to do.

Latte art training with The Espresso School will equip you with the skills that will have you looking like the ultimate coffee master. 

4. Flat white

Once you’ve mastered the latte, why not try a flat white? Simple yet timeless, flat whites are similar to lattes with the espresso shot of course and steamed milk, except it has little to no froth on the top.

Said to have originated in Australia back in 1985, the flat white has become a classic drink, even making it as far as Britain. Sip the day away and look like a true coffee connoisseur!

5. Iced coffee

With summer approaching, it’s only fitting that we discuss iced coffee and it’s many merits! Not only will this option get you the caffeine kick you’re after, but it’ll keep you nice and cool. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll be running out the door to grab one now!

So there we have it, five different options of coffee for newbies. Keep in mind that each cafe has different ways of making coffee, some providing more options than others to customise your drinks.

Who said coffee was only for regular milk lovers? It’s easy to switch up the milk for different substitutes such as soy, almond, coconut or non-lactose milk to accommodate all dietary requirements!

Looking to shape up your coffee skills and impress your mates? Known as the best barista course in Melbourne, Espresso School has a variety of programs ranging from Espresso Basics to Professional Barista Training for those looking to step up their coffee game even more. For professional barista training, get in touch and have a brew-tiful day! 

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