Coffee Jobs podcast

If you’re trying to get started in the industry, you need to tune in to the Coffee Jobs Podcast by James Hoffmann, 2007 World Barista Champion! The podcast will be a three-month long project with a podcast being released once a week covering topics from CV and interviews to career progression.

Episode 1 – Resumes and Interviews

The first podcast is with Colin Harmon from 3FE in Dublin and they talk about CVs/resumes and interviews.

Episode 2 – Common mistakes to avoid

Episode 2 covers simple but common mistakes to avoid by baristas when applying for jobs with Gwilym Davies, 2009 World Barista Champion.

Episode 3 – Insights to hiring

Michael Phillips is a World Barista Champion, and current Director of Training of Blue Bottle Coffee in the USA. He shares some valuable insight into the company’s approach to hiring.

Episode 4 – Egos and networking

In this episode with Anne Lunnel of Koppi Coffee, Sweden, she talks about the importance of not letting your ego get in the way and the power of building a network.

Catch the rest of the podcasts here…

There are 5 more podcasts for you to enjoy on the Coffee Jobs Podcast website.

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