Congratulations Jeremy

Words cannot express how incredibly proud I am of the guy in this photo. His name is Jeremy Zhang and I first met him in 2010 when he attended some training with me. He was a home barista looking to refine is skills. A year later in late 2011, he approached me for some barista competition training – Jeremy was looking to compete in the Chinese Barista Championships in 2013.

It was a year long campaign of skills training, origin visits, blend creation and finally putting everything together in to a 15 minute barista competition routine that would encapsulate everything he wanted to convey to the judges.

Jeremy went to his Nanjing regionals and blitzed the competition earning a right to compete on the national stage in Shanghai. Jeremy then cruised to the finals of the Chinese Barista Championships and when all was said and done, he placed THIRD. This is from a guy who has NEVER worked a day in his life in a cafe!

Jeremy will be presenting his routine in Melbourne in approximately a week’s time to international coffee judges as a calibration competitor for the WORLD BARISTA CHAMPIONSHIP.

What an amazing achievement. I am so proud of you and I am honoured to be your mentor and friend.

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