Meet Japanese Iced Coffee

Are you in need of a quick way to make high quality, flavoursome iced coffee at home?  Meet the Japanese iced coffee!

Japanese iced coffee is simply brewed using hot water which is then allowed to filter over ice.  This method allows for the coffee to cool instantly, locking in those fresh, clean and aromatic flavours.  

Unlike cold brewed coffee, Japanese Iced Coffee manages to preserve the crisp flavour and powerful aromatics.

Cold Brew vs Japanese Iced Coffee

Although both Japanese iced coffee and cold brew coffee come from the same world. The flavour, methods and experience are quite different.

Cold brew coffee is a slow method, taking between 4 to 18 hours. This is because cold brewing methods are unable to extract the same distinct flavours that are found in coffee beans.

As opposed to cold brewed coffee, Japanese iced coffee only takes a few minutes.  

Cold brew coffee is brewed with cold or room temperature water, which can mean it is unable to break down the coffee’s natural acids. This leads to a lack of complexity in flavour, making cold brewed coffee a rather boring experience.

As Japanese iced coffee is brewed while the water is hot, it often manages to taste more bright and crisp.  Unlike cold brewed coffee, the Japanese iced coffee has more complexity in the flavour profile.

How To Make Japanese Iced Coffee

What you will need:

  • 180 g of ice cubes
  • 28g of ground coffee beans
  • 269 g of hot water


  • Measuring cups or a kitchen scale
  • A drip brewer or pour-over cone
  • A coffee filter that fits the pour-over cone
  • A large mason jar
  • Tea kettle


  1. To begin, grind your coffee of choice using a quality burr grinder
  2. Fill mason jar or carafe (where the coffee will drip into) with your ice
  3. Boil your water
  4. Set a filter in the brewer, or set it over the mason jar for brewing and add the coffee grounds
  5. Slowly pour 56 grams of hot water over the grounds- just enough to cause the coffee to expand. 
  6. Once all of the water had dripped through, slowly pour about half of the remaining water over the top.  When that has finished dripping through, slowly pour the remaining water over the top and let it filter completely.
  7. If you are using a mason jar, remove the drip brewer.  If using a carafe, remove the filter and grounds then pour into a glass.  
  8. If desired, add ice cream and/or sugar and more ice.

If you have any questions about Japanese Iced Coffee, let me know in the comments below.  Or if you are struggling to make good coffee at home, you should contact us here at The Espresso School  about a home barista course, or to gain a barista Certification in Melbourne.

Happy brewing!

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