Level three

Cafe Professional

2 hours Course notes Certificate of completion
Improve speed
Develop efficient workflows to improve service speed
Improve consistency
Learn coffee bar skills to improve coffee consistency
Dialing in grinders
Learn to dial in grinders to a prescribed recipe and program machine volumetrics

Get job-ready with our Cafe Professional Practices course!


This barista course will focus on professional practices for the modern barista currently undertaking or looking at applying for paid work in a specialty cafe.


This course is the perfect extension to our Latte Art and Espresso Basics barista courses.


Key topics include:

  • Developing cafe systems to improve speed and consistency
  • Improve espresso and steamed milk quality
  • Order processing techniques
  • Cafe simulation - making drinks under time restrictions
  • Learning to dial in a grinder to a prescribed recipe
  • Programming recipes into volumetric shot buttons on the machines


By the end of this barista course, you will have the critical tools and practical skills required to make coffee in a commercial environment.


Click “What you will learn” for a complete breakdown of the topics covered in this barista course!

  • Streamlining workflow to improve speed and efficiency behind the coffee bar

  • Improving technical skills to improve extraction consistency and milk steaming

  • Advanced order processing techniques

  • Making coffee in a simulated cafe environment with a focus on workflow

  • Learn to dial in coffee grinders to a prescribed recipe

  • Learn to program machine volumetrics (shot buttons)

Recommended experience:

Completion of Espresso Basics Barista Course or you are comfortable operating an espresso machine and coffee grinder.


We recommend this barista course if:

  • You’d like to take your career to the next level
  • You want to make consistently delicious coffee
  • You would like to improve your speed behind the coffee bar

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