Coffee Calculators - Barista Toolkit

This collection of coffee calculators is designed for past students who have completed our Level 3 Advanced Barista or 5 Day Master Barista Courses to help fine-tune coffee extractions.

These coffee calculators have been made available free for everyone to use and access, past student or not, so if you understand what Extraction Yield %, TDS %, and Liquid Retained Ratio mean, these calculators are for you.

I hope you find these tools useful in your quest for delicious tasting coffee!


Extraction Calculators

Use these calculators to determine your Extraction Yield %, a measure of how much coffee solubles you extracted as a percentage of your dose. There is one for espresso, and one for filter coffee.

Recipe Design

Use these calculators to help you design the best coffee recipe for your chosen brewing device. All you need to do is tell them how much coffee you want to drink and a few other basic parameters.

Strength Calculators

Use these calculators to help you calculate the strength/concentration of your milk drinks or even how to dilute your coffees that are too strong by the addition of water post brewing.

You will need a coffee/espresso refractometer to use these calculators to measure your brew’s TDS % to get any meaningful results and insight into your extractions.

Extraction - Espresso

Use this calculator to calculate how much you extracted your espresso.

Extraction - Filter coffee

Use this calculator to calculate how much you extracted your filter coffee.

Select your mode; either pour over or total immersion:

  • Pour over methods include: Hario V60, Kalita Wave, Chemex etc
  • Total immersion methods include: French press/plunger, Aeropress, Syphon etc.

Calculations for extraction % are very different depending on your coffee brewer type.

Extraction - Liquid Retained Ratio

Use this calculator to determine what your actual LRR is for more accurate extraction calculations for filter coffee.

Design - Filter coffee

Use this calculator to design recipes for pour overs and French presses. You decide:

  • How many people you’re serving
  • How much brewed coffee per person
  • What intensity of flavour you want

The calculator will tell you how much ground coffee and hot water to use to achieve the total serving size and desired strength.

Design - Batch brew

Use this calculator to create recipes for auto-drip coffee makers or batch brewers. If you know how much brewed coffee you want, it will tell you:

  • how much ground coffee to use
  • how much cold water to use

If you know your brewer size, it will tell you:

  • how much ground coffee to use
  • how much brewed coffee you will get
Strength - Coffee dilution

Use this calculator if you want to know:

  • How much water to add a coffee to achieve a desired diluted strength
  • How strong your coffee is after adding a known amount of water

This calculator is useful for designing long black recipes or fixing (diluting) a brew of coffee that is too strong.

Strength - Milk drink concentration

Use this calculator to help you understand the effects of milk foam depth and cup volume on coffee concentration and flavour.