DIY Water for Coffee Calculators

A collection of water chemistry calculators

These coffee water calculators were inspired by the groundbreaking book, Water for Coffee, by World Barista Championship finalist, Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood and computational chemist, Christopher Hendon.

These coffee water calculators will help you design custom brewing water for coffee from scratch.

This suite of coffee water calculators will take care of the complex maths and chemistry so you can focus on brewing the best coffee.

Calculators include:

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When an update is available, we will let you know on the calculator. If you have questions, let us know in the comments section below.

Stock mineral concentrates calculator gives you recipes to create concentrates of Calcium, Magnesium and Alkalinity (KH/Buffer) at any desired concentration and volume from common salt sources of your choice

Water recipe design calculator, allows you to create recipes for any water, including a full break down of ions based on the salts you have used, TDS and scaling/corrosion potential

Limescale and corrosion prediction calculator of your coffee brew water. Useful for determining a DIY water recipe’s suitability for espresso machines

Titration calculator for the Red Sea Reef Foundation Pro test kit. This has been adapted for higher resolution to make it more usable for coffee by increasing the analyte volume

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