Level two

Latte Art Course

2 hours Course notes Certificate of completion

Our Latte Art course is 100% practical, hands-on, and complements our Espresso Basics barista course.


This latte art course is aimed at novice baristas, hospitality staff and home baristas wanting to step up their coffee making to the next level.


This barista course covers free pouring some basic latte art patterns such as the heart and rosetta.


We will walk you through the mechanics of pouring milk and how speed, position and distance all influence the way the milk interacts with crema.


You will have access to unlimited coffee and milk in this latte art course to ensure you gain maximum practice and attention from our expert trainer.

  • Understand pouring fundamentals and the impact of speed, distance and position

  • How to pour for contrast and symmetry

  • Milk pouring techniques for latte art including wiggling, pushing and dragging

  • Free pour designs – monk’s head, heart and rosetta

Recommended experience:

Completion of Espresso Basics Barista Course or you are comfortable operating an espresso machine and coffee grinder.


We recommend this barista course if:

  • You have completed our Level 1 Espresso Basics course
  • You’d like to learn how to free pour latte art
  • You are currently working as a barista and want to improve
  • You would like to gain skills employers are looking for in a barista

It's pretty simple, latte art is impressive!


Whether it's for your customers, guests, friends, or family, latte art shows your coffee was made with love and care.


If you're wanting to become a barista, latte art is really seen as an essential skill today. Long gone are the days where it is acceptable to just dump poorly steamed milk into a cup without care.


As they say, we eat with our eyes, or in this case, should we say, we drink with our eyes? Latte Art screams quality, but is not easy to do without some guidance and practice. 


Let us show you how to pour love hearts, rosettas, and tulips in this latte art course in Melbourne!


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