Liquid Retained Ratio Calculator

Water Absorption of coffee

Also known as Water Absorption Factor (WAF), use this calculator to determine the Liquid Retained Ratio (LRR) of your filter coffee brews – a measurement of how much water was absorbed by the coffee during brewing.

Definition – an LRR of 2.2 means 2.2 grams of water is absorbed to every gram of coffee used. It is a scaling factor or multiplier. 

Example – you brew a coffee with 15 grams of ground coffee. Your LRR is calculated to be 2.3. Therefore, the total amount of water absorbed by the 15 grams of coffee was 34.5 grams (15g x 2.3).

Brew mass is how much liquid coffee you have in grams. Simply tare off a mug on scales and pour all of the brewed coffee inside.

The Liquid Retained Ratio is

Use this LRR value in the filter coffee extraction calculator in LRR mode for more accurate calculations.