Milk Coffee Strength Calculator

Use this calculator to help you understand the effects of milk foam depth and cup volume on coffee concentration and flavour.

This calculator will break down the drink into its final components and concentrations.

For example, you can compare and contrast the difference in coffee strength between a flat white and a cappuccino prepared in the same volume cup. 

A more interesting use case would be to see if your recipes for two flat whites made in different sized takeaway cups are reaching the same coffee concentrations for flavour experience consistency.

This calculator is pre-filled with values for a flat white in a 160 mL cup from Cup&Company using milk from Devondale.


Step 1 - Pull a double espresso, weigh only one side of the extraction. Enter this value into the calculator.

Step 2* - With the other side of the extraction, measure the TDS % using a refractometer. Enter this value into the calculator.

Step 3 - Tare off your cup (with espresso inside) on the scale.

Step 4 - Steam milk and weigh the milk added to the cup. Enter this value into the calculator.

Step 5 - Enter milk composition details into the calculator from the nutritional panel of the milk carton/bottle. Use the figures from the "Average Quantity per 100 mL" column.

*optional - if you know the strength of your espresso that you usually extract to, use this value.

To calculate % increase in mass from steam - Tare off a small milk jug and measure out 150 grams of milk. Steam cold milk to 60 degrees Celcius. Weigh the steamed jug of milk. The difference in mass is caused by the addition of water during steaming.

% increase = (final mass - 150) *100/150

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Milk composition

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