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A fantastic course that taught me more than I expected. David is a great trainer. Highly recommended for anyone interested in coffee making. Looking forward to have the Latte Art Class more
Elaine Lo
Elaine Lo
08:12 04 Aug 21
I did the level one course and it was so great! David was a fantastic teacher. I went from not knowing much more about coffee than it was delicious, to learning the ideal espresso recipe, the different drinks on a coffee menu, how to extract the perfect espresso, and steam the milk for all kinds of drinks. I'd highly recommend it for anyone who loves coffee or anyone who wants to become a baristaread more
Susan Johnson
Susan Johnson
10:21 15 Jul 21
I attended the Espresso Basics and Latte Art courses. Really excellent and clear instruction, and lots and lots of hands-on practice with detailed demonstration and very constructive and detailed feedback on your efforts. Nice and small maximum class size so everyone gets lots of attention, and each student had their own station with a full commercial setup to practice on and endless consumables. Would absolute recommend to anyone learning the art of coffee - while I did the basic courses I can see the more advanced ones would be really excellent, too. Thanks more
G Maltby
G Maltby
05:17 01 Jul 21
Would recommend definitely! David is expertise in the field. The training was well designed with the theory and practice. It was so good that every one was assigned for separate machine which allowed good time for practice enough. I would recommend level 1 and 2 at the same time. Would like to take another training for learning to pour the more
Myangaa Dorjgotov
Myangaa Dorjgotov
07:36 24 May 21
I really appreciated the small class room setting and adequate equipment. Which was very ideal for getting as many attempts as you wanted and plenty of opportunities for David to come instruct and correct you. Highly recommend doing your training here!read more
Nina Robertson
Nina Robertson
09:50 02 Mar 21
I took the latte art class and David is a great teacher, really knows his stuff and gives great feedback to help you improve. class size is nice and small which means you get plenty of help and adviceread more
Emma Jarvis
Emma Jarvis
11:29 25 Feb 21
Would definitely recommend the coffee course at the expresso school. David is a great teacher and the environment for learning was really good and more
06:31 05 Feb 21
I walked into the school with no previous success in creating latte art, and walked out pouring hearts! I’m satisfied that I have had the guidance to practice in my own home and continue to improve my coffee as a barista. Would highly recommend the level II latte art more
Ruby Stone
Ruby Stone
23:01 21 Jan 21
Thankyou for the training Mook. Well done teaching a raw beginner like me ?
Peter Roach
Peter Roach
05:22 25 Jun 20
The training (Advanced Barista Training) was definitely worth the investment of my time and money. If you would like to advance your skills the correct way, I definitely would recommend the class to you. I would take more advanced classes if any available. All the best in your barista journey!read more
I compared almost all the barista schools in Melbourne before registering and finally chose here. The result shows I did a right choice!! David is so professional and nice to teach us. Small size class with a lot of practice. Fortunately, I got a barista offer after this course. I AM REALLY APPRECIATED FOR THE HELP FROM DAVID!! HOPE YOU ALL THE more
00:25 29 Feb 20
Very useful! Great teacher and because each class has very few people there is space for everyone to practice and learn. Highly recommend.
Anna Bonino
Anna Bonino
00:56 13 Dec 19
Thank you David for an amazing and informative latte art session! I managed to pick up so any tips and tricks and left with and great sense of more
Annie Ye
Annie Ye
01:19 04 Dec 19
I did the two hour latte art course to improve my skills making coffee at home. The class was small and our instructor David was extremely knowledgeable, patient, well spoken, friendly and just generally an excellent teacher. The equipment and coffee was also top more
Zac Curran
Zac Curran
19:51 17 Oct 19
Great entry level course for the theory and practice behind making a good espresso, cappccino and latte. Excellent instructor, very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and knew how to pitch it at the right level. Highly more
Hussein Ahmed
Hussein Ahmed
06:26 04 Oct 19
I took espresso basics and latte art-milk mechanics, which was really wonderful and comprehensive. David is a great instructor, who knows a lot about the industry, and continues to stay informed about its trends and innovations. He's also attentive to each student, and can identify how to help them improve. I highly recommend taking both courses!read more
Denise Torres
Denise Torres
19:19 03 Oct 19
Excellent course. Very well structured. David caters very cleverly for all levels and experience and has an enormous depth of knowledge and experience to tap into. Highly more
David A
David A
00:16 10 Jul 19
Excellent introduction to coffee. Good balance between sitting and talking through the process of making coffee and putting it into practice. Came out of this learning so much! Would definitely recommend, thank youread more
Amber Wilmore
Amber Wilmore
04:29 25 Jun 19
David is an absolutely lovely instructor who's very detailed and efficient with his teachings, easy to understand for someone with no prior coffee knowledge. His keen ears and eyes can tell when you're making a mistake on the machine which is always helpful for a beginner when you need help most. Totally recommend, awesome experience, wouldn't rate it any more
Kay Chua
Kay Chua
09:11 14 Jun 19
Excellent all round experience & really good value . David is a gifted and very patient teacher. Just did the Latte Art session which was fantastic so am tempted to take on other classes. Highly more
Bob Lim
Bob Lim
07:36 30 May 19
I did the 5 day Master Barista course and it was packed with information and practice. I signed up for the course with very little knowledge and experience and I left the class with confidence. There is only so much you can learn in 5 days but David instills in you the foundation and tools in which to build on after the course. Along with the knowledge passed, you are afforded a great amount of time and resources to practice and improve your skills. I would recommend that you use that time to practice everything you would like to improve on and do not just focus on one area (unless that's all you care about). Overall, I was satisfied with the course and everything I gained from more
George Santiago
George Santiago
12:35 10 May 19
I am so happy with what I learned at The Espresso School, the teacher takes always the time and patience to teach step by step all the process and answer every question you might have and he does it as clear as possible. I toke the beginner class and the art class on the same day and it was absolutely worthy, wether you are a beginner or not, you will learn a lot from this classes. I highly recommend it, guaranty you won't regret the more
Fabiola Camacho
Fabiola Camacho
06:21 21 Apr 19
I did my basic coffee making course and latter art yesterday with David. David gave us many useful tips and suggestions to improve our posture and doing it step by step. Something highlight this school is because of the small class method gathers everyone and all of us did enjoy the course and makes everyone involved the class very well.During the course, this school also providing quality milk and quality coffee beans for training. Recommend to anyone who want to aim learn something basic and enhance their latte art more
Huey Ying Lye
Huey Ying Lye
10:39 07 Apr 19
Just a great experience. We learned a lot about coffee and the machine but also had a lot of fun. It's the perfect starting point to feel comfortable with your espresso machineread more
10:09 19 Mar 19
The Espresso School is the only place to go if you want to expand your coffee knowledge. David is an amazing teacher, a lovely human and an absolute expert on coffee. The course provides all the practical knowledge you could need to make excellent coffee from start to finish. Super fun and informative experience, would highly recommend!read more
Athena Jeffries
Athena Jeffries
11:16 16 Jan 19
Starting from zero. Made these at the end of the course. David is excellent. Thorough, knowledgeable helpful. Course well structured. Totally more
Andrew Hay
Andrew Hay
02:02 10 Jan 19
Great training from David! His knowledge of coffee is amazing and he goes the extra mile with all of his students.Would highly recommend his courses for more
Karl von Muller
Karl von Muller
09:12 23 Oct 18
If its for your love of coffee or to pursue a career as barista then this is where you need to start. From the basics to a more in depth look into espresso and extraction....David helps you build that strong foundation and understanding of coffee. A Great teacher and a Great Barista. Highly more
Jamil Fahour
Jamil Fahour
23:02 06 Oct 18
It was a wonderful experience. David is a great teacher — funny and patient. I have learnt a lot from the course and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning the techniques of Latte more
11:46 29 Sep 18
Great experience! Very informative course and David is such a nice and patient guy. You can’t miss it if you love coffee and want to learn some real practical skills. Thanks David! I would come back some day when I’m ready for next stage more
12:15 23 Sep 18
Great experience. David is a very good teacher and knows a lot about coffee.The setting is top notch.
Marco Romano-Silva
Marco Romano-Silva
11:45 01 Sep 18
Learnt a lot at this school! It really helped me get a good start to making beautiful Latte Art. After doing the course, I realised I had wasted a lot of time in learning incorrect techniques and wished I had done this course sooner. My trainer David guided me through the processes and corrected many of my mistakes that I had learnt over the years. He is very knowledgable and an expert in his field. - Well worth it, thank more
Zacharia Zach
Zacharia Zach
01:24 28 Aug 18
David is so kind. Although i can't speak English very well, he enthusiastically taught me. Thx David ;)
sh Han
sh Han
11:36 24 Jul 18
Great class! Recommend to every coffee lover. Had level 1 course. Knew the recipe of a perfect coffee and got lots of practicing time on the real machine. David is very patient and fun and he is a real more
Tianyuan Wang
Tianyuan Wang
06:11 16 Jul 18
Very informative class about the basics of coffee being taught by a very experienced, friendly & approachable teacher.Included things from the origins of espresso, how it's made, what makes espresso, & importantly, how to operate, clean & use a coffee machine more
Kelvin Bird
Kelvin Bird
03:49 15 Jun 18
5-Day Master Barista Course: A comprehensive and confidence building course. Full of interesting content and David's extensive knowledge. All round awesome more
10:10 07 May 18
If you want just an accredited espresso certificate at half the price then this is not the place, but if you want to get to the core of coffee making and learn soul of coffee making then David is your guy. You can't go wrong with him.Before this 5 hour session i only knew about 3in1 nescafe sachet lol and after this course i managed to create more
Fahad Mushtaq
Fahad Mushtaq
12:49 13 Mar 18
An excellent course in how to make coffee. I thought David was a terrific presenter. He was extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. Thank you David!
03:49 04 Feb 18
Had a great day learning from David Seng as his explanations are clear and detailed! Really very informative (he knows a lot) yet we got a lot of practice (caffeine overdosed)!read more
Sim How Chong
Sim How Chong
12:43 21 Sep 17
You guys are the best, I'm finally making good coffee and frothing my milk properly. Thanks David!
Lincoln Dinh
Lincoln Dinh
01:06 26 Aug 17
I took the three classes and enjoy it a lot ! David is an awesome teacher really passionate about what is doing and it shows! I've learn so much about coffee in thoses hours. Thank you for your patience and to make coffee so much easier to understand. Cassandraread more
Cassandra Noiseux
Cassandra Noiseux
04:21 02 May 17
I took level 1 course and made my first cup of coffee with a coffee machine. The hands-on course is very informative. David is patient to guide me through and answer every question (even after class). Plan to take next level course after I get more practice and digest what I have learnt today. Thanks David. Thanks the Espresso School.------Jiayiread more
Cassie Wang
Cassie Wang
13:04 17 Dec 16
The Espresso School is highly recommended for whatever reason you are attracted to the art of coffee. David is an enthusiastic and incredibly knowledgeable teacher.The class contains both theoretical and practical components. The former sets you up for the latter. Overall it's a great vibe and really worthwhile experience.I walked away with a sense of achievement and motivated to do the next level. Time and money well spent. read more
David Ascoli
David Ascoli
01:33 03 Jul 16
I just finished my barista Level 1 and 2. I’ve learned a lot!! for anyone who’s interested in coffee I highly recommend the course. The course has given me confidence and the instructor was easy to communicate with. David is absolutely amazing with high professional standard and real knowledge in coffee more
Poppleton Lea Lou
David is a patient instructor who is very passionate about his art. I feel much more confident in my ability as an at home barista and would highly recommend the Espresso Basics course!
Jenna Nelson
I learned so much and hopefully it is a start of my advancement as a barista. Whoever is in Melbourne, I strongly recommend training from David Seng. He knows what he talks about and very good at explaining. 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞 (5 Happinesses)read more
Haeli Bo
david is very professional and passionate
Jason Tan
I attended the basic and latte art classes, I went in with little knowledge, I left with confidence and skills to take with me to my workplace. Thank you David, it was fun and great learning off of you. Thank you for the confidence boost 😁read more
Joy Kerr
Great experience and I had learned so much thing today thanks for the espresso school
Michael Pham
I took part in the latte art course on the weekend, it was fabulous. Thank you David, I will continue to practice my skills and when I feel ready, I will be back to learn more tricks! Thank you for you great tuition, patience and hospitality. more
Jordan Stephenson
Had a great experience at the Espresso School. What David taught improved my home coffee skills so much, that even my ex-barista friend was impressed.I can't recommend the courses highly enough. Even if you don't own an espresso machine, you will walk away with a much greater understanding of what goes in to making your favourite coffee, and give you a greater appreciation for the people that make more
Craig Jarvis
I did the 2-hour Level 2 Latte Arts course today, it was great fun! I have learnt a lot of techniques and realised many mistakes I have made before. The learning environment was relaxing and everyone was very nice. David is a wonderful teacher — knowledgeable, patient and helpful. I would recommend the course to any coffee lover who interested in learning techniques of Latte Art :)read more
Jo Shen
I did the basic course and it was fantastic. Small class size and David was fantastic in showing what skills you need to make a great coffee. Now I just need to put into practice. Thanks for a great morning out, just a shame we had to waste so much good coffee!!read more
Jaye Wood
My hubby Prabud Lakmal did the basic coffee making course yesterday. I can see how much he enjoyed and love the course when I saw him. He couldn't stop talking about it. We had the best cup of cappuccino and latte at home. He was doing precise measures for the cup and mastering his milk frothing skills. Thank you very much David for doing a marvelous job. I'm giving you this top score by experiencing the skills and knowledge you have given more
Chamaree Jacintha
David is so pro lovely men. I wish I take my 5-days course sooner which it takes near 6 months finishing advance one. You you best David.
Hamed Jafaripourghazini
Highly recommended this course! David was fantastic and l learnt a lot. Definitely return for another class in the future.
Hayley Apples
Supranee Ngeibkratok
Signed up for espresso basic and latte art class. Within 5 hours I was able to understand the basics of making quality espresso and the mechanics of latte art. For a first timer with no knowledge, to my surprise I successfully made a descent heart shape and rosetta. This was the result of having David as an exceptional instructor who observe and guides each individual specifically with the end goal of making great tasting coffee. In summary, quality training that leaves you confident as you walk out that more
Rnnalld Fuji
Highly recommend the Espresso School. We did the basics of espresso making and came away feeling confident in our ability to make great tasting coffee and truly understanding the basic fundamentals of making good espresso. It is the perfect mix of theory and practical experience. David is an excellent teacher, very passionate and knowledgeable about his more
Hetty Finlayson
Excellent course. David is obviously passionate about good and teaching others how to make and appreciate good coffee. The course is informative, practical and motivating. Recommend it highly. We shall go back to the advance class asap. Thank you more
Kirsty Duchet
If you're looking for quick, detail and welcoming course to do. 100% recommend this course to anyone out there who would like to make coffees or those who have a general interest in coffees. David is a wonderful teacher who is always there for his students right beside them giving them feed back and encourages you to do your more
Ricky Chhour
Truly recommend this school! Full 5 stars score :))) I enrolled to Master Barista Class and it was sooo amazing! Completely exceed my expectations. For those who are interested to learn about coffee, I recommend this course without any hesitation (like calling for shotgun seat). The course will guide you and prepare you to work in a cafe with confidence and no fears (keep calm and grind it!). It is the most complete package course ever, from coffee bean in a farm to coffee in a cup just in front of you! Every subject discussed are with facts and calculations which makes the coffee so approachable and easy to think about coffee. The tutor, David has a friendly persona, always very approachable, patient to rectify every “bad habbits” over and over again (also strict which is good for personal improvements and results). Try, it will not disappoint! Zillions thanks David Seng! We shall see around! “Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey!” :)read more
Simão Ma
Thank you. So informative. Now I need to practise! See you at tbe next one too!
Lisa Breeden
Great Teacher and intro to the coffee world - Good theoretical background, but you'll still need lots of practice!
Eaden McKee
Thanks David for a fantastic class - Really enjoyed learning so much about coffee! Prior to this I didn't like coffee as it all tasted bitter to me - I'm now onto my second coffee and I can see many more in my future :) The class is comprehensive in information and we learnt great techniques on the more
Katrina Bryant
Florian Naumann
Great intro course. David, clearly explained the process and was very patient. Learnt heaps.
Robert Gianchino
This was a great learning experience ! The course lecturer was was very approachable and his knowledge base on and around the subjects were second to none, If you are thinking about a Barista course/courses this is the one!!!These courses are more than just a tick and flick, they truly inspire you!!read more
Edward Sparks
Thanks for taking Nathan under your wing today! He absolutely loved the class and wants booked into the next level class. So glad he's learning from the master!
Adele Khoo
David was an excellent instructor. He was so knowledgeable and it was fun attending his class. Never felt bored and it's actually quite fast paced with lots of hands on practice. Can't day dream for a sec as there's so much to absorb and learn. Highly recommend this place to kick start your coffee more
Toh Bin
It's really good course and David is so nice, he has good knowledge about coffee, you can learn useful skills and knowledge.
Yu Wang
Absolutely awesome, great teacher thanks David for today had heaps of fun. Great to refresh my skills, thanks for your support and for sharing your knowledge with us all. Highly recommend here for doing coffee more
Joanne Nightingale
The absolute best course to go to!! You can tell that David absolutely loves coffee and is his passion and not just his job. This comes out in the way he teaches and his ridiculous knowledge of everything about Coffee. Definitely recommend his course, he focuses on all the little details to help you make an awesome coffee every time. Can't recommend him enough!!read more
Liam Ogilvie-Mitchell
I would like to say "Thank you" to David . I started with nothing in the morning but you help me a lot. Very glad that i decide to apply this course with you. Anyway i'm gonna keep practice as you told me. Katieread more
Thatsika Katie Phaenglart
Vale Pérez
I mastered my milk stretching here....attend if you wish to find out how easy it is...
Charlotte Musolino
The course was fantastic! David is super knowledgeable and friendly, the three hours seemed to vanish. The practical component was really enjoyable coupled with the theory behind the process. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to do a barista course to see David at the Espresso School. I will definitely by back for more more
Jason Tjia
Hashm Albarki
Great Teacher. Thoroughly enjoyed the class. Would recommend to anyone considering learning Barista Skills.
Julie Kutchel
This course was excellent. Invaluable practical component as well as interesting and relevant coffee background. David is a knowledgable lecturer who is very good at his job. I definitely recommend the course to anyone, home enthusiast or professional, who wants to learn more about more
Patti Sedgwick