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The tamping mat of choice at The Espresso School. We love the portafilter cut out area because it makes for a great tamping experience. The grippy silicone surface ensures you’ll never slip mid-tamp.

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Tamp with speed and confidence with the Corner Tamping Mat by Tiamo. This tamping mat cleverly wraps around your counter’s corner, giving you the perfect tamping angle for maximum efficiency and safety.

The tamping spot holds the portafilter securely, allowing you maximum comfort, precision, and consistency when you tamp – which leads to frequently better coffee. The Corner Tamping Mat also includes a conveniently placed tamp stand that allows you to tamp in no time at all.

The mat is crafted from anti-slip silicone rubber, so you don’t have to worry about it slipping or sliding around mid-tamp. The 10mm thickness gives it just the right amount of counter protection without getting in your way.

Comfortable Tamping – Designed to hold the portafilter securely for maximum comfort and precision when you tamp.

Corner Wrapping Design – Hugs the corner of your counter to give you the most efficient and healthiest angle possible when you tamp.

Anti-Slip Rubber – Won’t slip off the counter mid-tamp.

Built-In Tamp Stand – Has a dedicated spot for storing your tamper for quick access when you need it.

10mm Thickness – Just thick enough to be extra-protective without getting in your way.


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